The People's Corgi

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He has been an almost 10 year dream in the making. Around college, I named my inevitable future corgi “Chuckles”. My family sent me texts when they spot one saying “chuckles sighting!”. My husband also got me a calendar the year we got married which counted down the days to our wedding and the days until we got Chuckles.

But unfortunately, the last 3 years we’ve lived in places that did not allow dogs (we are Seattle area folk born and raised). We finally moved to a condo that was doggy friendly so we began hunting. After about 3-4 months of searching and hearing a lot of “no’s” and “No litters until the spring at least” we had just about given up hope that California wasn’t going to be the time to get Chuckles either.

But then I found Pegken’s Dogs and their website announces puppies were available Aug 28, it was like a sign! The breeder Peggy is a delight and sends me pictures with his name; Chuckles.